Samurai Parade to commemorate 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Asano Clan

The Asano clan were installed in Hiroshima by the Tokugawa Shogunate 400 years ago this year. The family were transferred from Wakayama after Masanori Fukushima’s short-lived hold over what is now Hiroshima Prefecture (then known as Aki and Bingo provinces) was ended after conducting unapproved flood repair work on Hiroshima Castle.

Beginning with Nagaakira Asano in 1619, the family ruled the domain for 12 generations until the feudal system was abolished 250 years later. As well being responsible for the construction of Shukkeien Garden shortly after their arrival in Hiroshima, the Asano clan are credited with boosting local arts and crafts by bringing in many skilled artisans and expanding Hiroshima’s economy via extensive land reclamation and draining projects.

On September 15, local dignitaries and citizens commemorate the arrival of the Asano clan at Hiroshima Castle with a samurai era parade through the city center. Around 150 people, dressed in period costume, will take part in the main 2.4km parade. The parade will leave from Yanagi Bridge Park at 10am and make it’s way along Butsudan-dori and through the Hondori shopping arcade, finishing in Peace Memorial Park.

Along the way, a small group will peel off and pick up local dignitaries in the Shareo underground shopping mall who will then make their way to Hiroshima Castle where the installation of the clan will be reenacted.

Schedule September 15

  • 10:00 Parade starts from Yanagi Bridge
  • 10:30 Parade splits at the Hondori crossing with the main parade continuing to Peace Memorial Park
  • 10:50 Motomachi Cred (Pacela) PR events start
  • 11:50 Reenactment of the entry of the Asano clan into Hiroshima Castle