Another early rainy season?

The Japan Meteorological Office has started issuing it’s data for this year’s rainy season.  It’s just an estimate, but, based on the arrival of the seasonal rain front in Okinawa, it seems like we are in for another early rainy season.

The rainy season officially started in Okinawa on April 28, only two days earlier than last year, but 11 days earlier than the average; No doubt putting a dampner on a few Golden Week vacations.

Based on the front’s progress so far, local blog site Tabetainjya estimates that the rainy season rain (not normal rain like that which has been bucketing down for the past 12 hours) will reach the Chugoku region around May 20. The rainy season is usually around 40-45 days long, so they postulate that it might well end around June 15. It would be great to get onto the business of summer so early, but it seems a bit optimistic as although we also had an early rainy season last year (officially starting on May 21), we didn’t get the all clear until July 8.


Here are Ping Mag’s must haves for rainy season from back in 2007.  Have you spotted anything that will help us endure Japan’s most loathed season? Why not share it on our Facebook Page?


Paul Walsh

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