Polipo is by far Hiroshima’s best Italian Trattoria Pizzeria for fabulous pizza, pasta and desserts in friendly and comfortable surroundings. [日本語]Polipo means octopus in Italian which is perhaps a reflection of the passion of the owner or chef for the many dishes featuring fresh seafood here. You can also enjoy the theme of the eight-legged monster made into biscuits decorating their stunning gelato. 

The design also reminds of a seaside venue in Italy as there are many water colors matched with rustic themes. As a trattoria, Polipo certainly fits to its traditional theme and is a more casual than formal style restaurant with larger tables and close proximity to other diners.  The first floor hosts the large open kitchen, which you can get more info here, and limited seating, but the upstairs has a large table in the hall and more seating in the main dining room. As there are so many wonderful Italian Trattoria in Hiroshima, I may get into trouble saying that Polipo is the best, but in all of my years here I have never eaten at one which has such a great balance of the high quality pizza (certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) superb pasta dishes, fresh salads, a variety of main dishes, plus absolutely amazing signature homemade desserts. There is no wonder that each time I visit the kitchen is full of hardworking chefs working hard filling orders and the tables are filled with smiling, happy patrons. The staff are very welcoming to all guests and even when the restaurant is filled, food seems to be quickly delivered to tables with beautiful presentation.  As with the salads and main dishes, the pizzas are certainly large enough to share, but if you can’t decide on just one I’d recommend a splurge and take home any extra slices to enjoy later or share with unfortunate family or friends who weren’t lucky enough to make the meal.  Prices may seem slightly higher at check-out, but you will notice the freshest ingredients in all the dishes and the taste of the pizza is unrivaled in my opinion. For a true test of great pizza quality, you will not be disappointed if you stick to the Marinara standard tomato sauce with garlic and herbs. Or the Margherita enhanced by the delicious mozzerella. Cheese base pizzas are also a popular option which are savory and filling.  There are many great wines and drinks available, the house wine is a good standard. After dinner, a popular drink served with flair is the grappa. We enjoyed it added to our espresso which gave their already excellently poured coffee an extra kick. Even if you are full, sweet lovers really must try a dessert. The homemade gelato and sorbet are worth a stop on their own. Add to this the assortment of pastries and puddings featured on the daily menu and you will be happily spoiled for choice. On one visit I had a crispy pastry filled with chocolate pudding and custard, a taste of the pistaccio crème brûlée and a few bites of the amazing chocolate gelato. Polipo is located along the main road along the Hakushima tram line heading out of town and often gets noticed by European passersby as well as other pizza enthusiasts, who recognize the official accreditation from the Vera Napoletana association. This accreditation is proudly displayed in the front of the shop and means that the standard of pizza is of the highest quality and follows the traditional Naples style pizza recipes and ingredients. Opening hours: 11:30-14:00, 18:00-21:00 Address: 20-5 Hakushima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken Address in Japanese: 730-0004 広島県広島市中区東白島町20番5号 Tel: 082-221-0331 URL: https://www.facebook.com/polipo.hiroshima


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