Nagataya Okonomiyaki

Nagata-ya Hiroshima style okonomiyaki shop is in a great location, right on the end of Hondori, directly next to Peace park. They have hot plates on tables as well as the main one if you want to keep it hot. They also clearly understand vegetarian diners as well as the needs of diners with allergies as they will offer to cook with vegetable oil instead of lard and have an alternative allergy-free sauce you can buy to use with your meal.

However, because this is such a great place at a great location, you can usually find a line of customers waiting outside this shop most days. There is seating for almost 40, so the line moves quickly, but if you are not the patient type, you should plan to go outside of popular meal times as they don’t take reservations.

Nagata-ya is quite a spacious restaurant as far as okonomiyaki shops go. They have counter seating along the main grill as well as table seating with a heated grill in the tables (you can choose to have these grills on or off). Nagata-ya is a great place for groups of friends, couples and families (there are a few high chairs and even a special allergy free sauce recommended for the kids).

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is more filling and also takes longer to eat, so it is beneficial to have hot grills at the table to keep the dish warm while eating. However, if you have a “cat’s tongue” you can eat your okonomiyaki off a regular plate. After many years in Hiroshima, I still choose to eat it off of a plate.

Unique offerings on the menu include the Nagata-ya original which includes both squid and shrimp; the deluxe including mochi rice cake and cheese; and the special with green onion. The standard okonomiyaki here is only ¥680. Add garlic chips, deep fried squid, grilled squid, shrimp or green onion for a fraction more. Mayonnaise and extra otafuku okonomiyaki sauce, white pepper and tabasco are provided free on the tables.

There are some great teppan-yaki dishes on offer at Nagata-ya. The grilled Hiroshima oysters in butter with fresh lemon and green negi onions are also a treat not to be missed.

Grilled oysters at Nagata-ya Okonomiyaki near Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan

If you are a vegetarian, Nagataya is particularly good for non-meat eaters, if you tell your waiter they will grease the grill with vegetable oil (instead of animal fat) and leave off the strips of bacon that are usually added to a standard okonomiyaki.

  • No reservations accepted, seating available for 39 people.
  • Cash only
  • Some english speaking staff and English and Japanese menu with pictures
  • Vegetarian-friendly, allergy-free sauce available and family & kid friendly.
  • all non-smoking at lunch 11-2pm
  • no parking available or parking discounts, but many 100 yen parking lots nearby

Hours: Weekdays: 11 am-8:30 pm, Saturdays: 11 am- 9pm, Sunday & Holidays: 11-10 pm (Occasionally closed Tuesdays)

Address: Hiroshima city, Naka-ku Otemachi 1-7-19 
Tel: 082-247-0787


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