24h Pizza Vending Machine

This pizza vending machine is no longer in operation, but we hear that another is opening in the city center!

The only pizza vending machine in Japan is actually only in Hiroshima, and it’s pretty good!&nbsp

The Japan Times recently highlighted the popularity of Japan’s only pizza vending machine and as it’s in our hood, of course, we had to venture out and try it. Located in front of Tsutaya DVD rental shop and YOURS supermarket, ‘Pizza Self’ was launched by a truck driver who craved late night treats.

The machine says it only takes 3 minutes but we clocked it at just under 7 minutes. The order process is pretty easy- Margherita on the left side of the display for under 1,000 yen and a four cheese pizza for a bit over 1,200 on the right side.

We opted for the classic Margherita and although it wasn’t perfect, it was pretty good. The top was burnt when it came out and there was not much of a sauce to cheese ratio, more like cheese toast (on nice pizza dough) than pizza.

So, as long as you don’t expect anything that looks like the picture, the pizza has a decent crust and comes out within 7 minutes from a vending machine anytime you want, so we really can’t complain.

Love it or hate it, it’s nice to have a new “only-in-Hiroshima” point of appeal in town. 

You can find the pizza cutter and plastic carrying bag on the right side of the machine in the pull out drawer. The opening to the left is the pizza box garbage chute if you decide to eat your pizza at the machine. 


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