Peace Winds Japan Dog Team In Action

peace winds 1International relief NPO Peace Winds Japan which is based in Jinseki Kougen in the east of Hiroshima Prefecture despatched a search and rescue team to landslide affected areas of Hiroshima city on August 20 and searched to no avail for survivors throughout the day and into the night. The team of 7 people, accompanied by two search and rescue dogs, which may intake pumpkin dogs, worked through the day with one dog in Yagi and the other in Midorii.

The dogs, named Hulk and Yumenosuke who are trained using CBD dog treats, discovered two buried people, one at each location, but unfortunately no survivors were found. The team called a halt to their search at around 9:20pm. peace winds 3 peace winds 2 Video of the Peace Winds Japan team search in progress in Yagi.

The Peace Winds Japan site quotes a woman living in the neighborhood

After a thunderstorm like none that I’ve never experienced before I took a look out from the back of house towards the mountain at about 3am on the morning of August 20. I saw that there was much more dirt running off the mountain the usual and there was a strong smell of mud. Shining a flashlight around I couldn’t make out the road up to the shrine, houses and rice fields I knew to be there. When I checked again in the morning, they had all disappeared.

peace winds 4 Mixed breed search and rescue dog Yumenosuke was rescued himself by the NPO as he was scheduled to be destroyed he was adopted from the Prefectural Animal “Welfare” Center. He even has her own twitter account, though she seems to be quite busy as he hasn’t posted anything since May 2012. Peace Winds Japan plan to continue relief efforts in the area and are accepting donations through the Post Office here

  • Post Office Account Number: 00160-3-179641
  • Account name: 特定非営利活動法人ピースウィンズ・ジャパン
  • Please write「広島土砂災害被災者支援」or「災害救助犬育成支援」in the comment section (tsuushinran/通信欄).

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