First corona virus case on Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture now at 16 cases

April 7, 2020

An Etajima woman in her 30s who works at a medical facility has tested positive for corona virus, it was announced April 6. This is the first case in Etajima City and brings the total number of cases to 16 across Hiroshima Prefecture.

Gender: Female
Age: 30s
Workplace: Medical facility
Recent overseas travel history: No recent overseas travel history

Contact tracking

  • March 31
    Coughing, sore throat and fatigue.
  • April 2
    Regular hospital visit (unrelated to symptoms) followed by visit to pharmacy and shops (not on Etajima, but unable to say more than within Hiroshima Prefecture).
  • April 3
    Temperature of 39.3º
  • April 4
    Examined at medical facility.
  • April 6
    Symptoms continued so tested Returnee and Contact Consultation Center
    PCR test positive for corona virus.

The patient went to work March 31 and April 1, during which time she wore a mask and traveled by car. Two asymptomatic family members are currently being tested and the patient is said to currently have light symptoms.

Infection route is unclear and it is currently being investigated whether any recent visitors to the medical facility were exhibiting symptoms. Authorities are not currently authorized to release the name of the medical facility the patient works at or detailed information about what the places she visited on April 2. In the press conference they do mention that she does not work at a “large” medical facility.

View the press conference at Hiroshima Prefectural Office here [Japanese]


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