Spring has landed in Hiroshima

SpringJapanSpring has landed in Hiroshima, we are not talking about the season of course but the LCC (Low Cost Carrier) company Spring Japan airlines headquartered in Narita (Tokyo), Japan. It is 33% owned by the Chinese company, Spring Airlines, the rest is owned by various Japanese companies according to this Wikipedia entry.

Flights are limited to Narita airport in Tokyo and flights are twice a day: morning and evening. There are two grades of service available- the cheapest “Spring” is less than ¥6,000 each way and you are allowed up to 7kg for your carry on (size also limited to fit in a small overhead storage bin) and checked bags are also free at the moment, but this may change, for bags up to 10kg.

For heavier checked baggage, you can pay a little more (under ¥8,000 at time of writing) for a 20 kg limitation for a “Spring Plus” ticket.

Reservations can be changed or cancelled 24 hours before your flight and the Japanese website you use to book your flight is quite user-friendly as long as you can navigate through it in Japanese (Google translate helps if you get stuck). First, create an account giving your personal details, emergency contact information and email address. Then you need to confirm your account by email and you should be able to book easily online. Luckily, all names are entered in Romaji so there is not a problem with booking non-Kanji names.

The easiest way to get to and from Hiroshima airport is on the Hiroshima Limousine Bus (Airport Bus) which leaves regularly from the Sogo Bus center, Nakasuji station (along the Astram monorail line) or in front of the Shinkansen side of Hiroshima train station. You can buy one-way or round-trip tickets at the machine next to the bus stop. It is free seating on a first come first serve basis and takes just under an hour and costs 1,349 each way (half priced for children up to elementary school age). Basically, there are buses every 20 minutes, here is the Bus timetable to and from the Shinkansen exit stop in English.

Spring Flight Details:

This information is accurate at the time of writing (10/2014) but may change. There are two flights daily from Hiroshima to Narita and returning from Nartia to Hiroshima.

Hiroshima to Narita

1) 11:15am (arrives at 12:35)

2) 7:55pm (arrives 9:15pm)

Nartia to Hiroshima

1) 8:45am (arrives at 10:30am)

2) 5:25pm (arrives 7:10pm)

Basic fare: ¥5,690 each way

Plus fare: ¥7,770 each way

Website: Spring Japan airlines

Spring Japan Call Center: 0570-666-118


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