Lantern floating commemoration returns to Hiroshima Peace Day

The picturesque and poignant lantern floating ceremony will be held on the evening of the anniversary of the A-bomb attack on Hiroshima for the first time in 3 years on Saturday, August 6th.

With COVID cases once again on the rise (and rise) there are changes in place to try to avoid crowding.

Although members of the public will not able to go down to the river to float their own lanterns as in the days before Covid, you can write your message on the paper that is wrapped around the candle-lit lanterns and these will be floated by volunteers as the sun goes down.

To take part you, for an ¥800 fee, you can write your message at the lantern floating reception desk at Shinsui Terrace on the riverbank across from Hiroshima A-bomb Dome in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park until 5pm.

The lanterns will be floated on the river by volunteers between 6:00pm and 8:30pm.

Note: Viewing and taking photos of the lanterns from Shinsui Terrace is prohibited.

It’s hard to tell, but, despite the desire to prevent crowding, there is a good chance that the event will attract a lot of people both hoping to show their respects on another year when the official Peace Memorial Ceremony is closed to most members of the public and to enjoy one of Hiroshima’s most beautiful sights.

Official notices can be found on the Chushinren website.

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