Cherry Blossoms at The Japan Mint

When the cherry blossoms are pretty much done in the center of Hiroshima there is no need to despair. If you missed the main event or just can’t get enough, the Hiroshima branch of the Japan Mint in Itsukaichi provides an opportunity to enjoy a huge variety of beautiful blooms.

Every spring the Hiroshima Branch of the Japan Mint, appropriately located at the end of “Coin-douri”, opens its gates to the general public, for just a week, so we can enjoy the blossoms of the 219 cherry trees which include 63 varieties.

The “blossom of the year” for 2018 is Fukurokuju [福禄寿]. Fukurokuju, one the seven Chinese gods of fortune, is the god of longevity and this blossom is known for its long flowering time. The flowers are quite large with 15 to 20 pale pink petals and bloom in clusters of 3 or 5.

Fukurokuju [福禄寿]

More details about this lovely event here.

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