A-bombed tram to run again in 2017

Hiroden’s restored A-bombed streetcar will make 16 runs over 8 days this summer.

Tram number 653, known in Japanese as a hibaku-ressha, was restored to the original blue coloring, in which it was coated when badly damaged by the 1945 A-bomb blast, as part of the 70th anniversary commemorations of the A-bombing 3 years ago. Sign ups to ride the tram have already closed, but you can get a look at the distinctive streetcar making its way through the city on certain days this summer. The tram will make two runs a day, departing at 10:30 and 14:00 from Hiroshima Station and passing by Hatchobori, the A-Bomb Dome, Hiroden nishi-hiroshima before returning to A-bomb Dome.

There are sure to be quite a few photographers hoping to capture a good shot of the tram along the route so keep an eye out to suss out the best locations.

Date Hiroshima Station Departure Hiroshima Station Departure
July 29 10:30 14:00
July 30 10:30 14:00
August 5 10:30 14:00
August 9 10:30 14:00
August 11 10:30 14:00
August 19 10:30 14:00
August 20 10:30 14:00
August 27 10:30 14:00