Kakure Daidokoro Kiseki

One man izakaya just south of Peace Boulevard, popular at lunch and serving drinks and tasty Japanese munchables at night.

The first two two words of the name of izakaya Kakure Daidokoro Kiseki [隠れ台所 キセキ] mean ‘hidden kitchen’ and this cute little place is indeed tucked away on street corner just off Jizo-dori, a little south of Peace Boulevard. ‘Kiseki’, by the way, means ‘miracle’.

The owner, Hirahara-san, is an amiable chap with a keen interest in baseball and, though his English is very limited, he should make you feel welcome.

The place is cozy inside with more cute design features and vintage posters on the walls.

Kiseki is a popular lunch spot, offering three different set meals A, B and C, all a bargain at just ¥650 or ¥700. They come with a main dish, two side dishes, a small bowl of udon noodles, rice and pickles. If you want to fill up on a bigger serving of rice, ask for oomori which is an extra ¥50. You can get a second helping of rice for ¥100 by asking for o-kawari for an second helping.

Tontoro-kakuni [豚トロ角煮] Stewed Fatty Pork Lunch Set ¥700

Evenings are likely to to be a bit more laid back, though it can get busy with regulars at night too. Take one of the four counter seats or sit at one of the two small tables for four to enjoy drinks and some of Hirahara-san’s tasty izakaya dishes. On the all next to the door way is that staple of small Japanese eateries, the flat-screen TV, usually showing whatever variety show is on that night; a good source of conversation starters to make friends with local diners.

  • English menu (download the bilingual menu here)
  • Cash only
  • No smoking 11:30-14:30
  • Japanese toilet

Opening hours: 11:30-14:30 (L.0.) 17:30-22:00 (L.0.)

Address: 13-1 Fujimicho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Address in Japanese: 広島県広島市中区富士見町 13-1
Tel: 082-249-3299