Hiroshima Carp 2022 Merchandise

January 29, 2022

Although the performance of our local baseball team, the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, may have been up and (mostly) down since the team’s 2016-2018 resurgence, you can always count on them to put out weird and wacky merch for their famously passionate fans.

The 2022 line up of  “Carp goods” goes on sale today, January 29, at 10am and despite, the ongoing pandemic and the efforts of security guards, fans have been trying to secure spots in line in front of the merchandise store at Mazda Stadium since yesterday afternoon [ja].

The Carp’s homepage is closed at time of writing, getting readied for reopening at the same time as the physical store opens its doors. If past years are anything to go by however, the online shop will be under a lot of pressure and access to the limited issue products up for grabs will likely prove difficult.

But, what will Carp fans be dropping their cash on this year? In addition to the usual shirts, caps and other paraphernalia, we’ve picked out some of the more unique items out of the 340 products listed in the new catalog.


Hiroshima Carp Pizza Beret

Hiroshima Carp pizza beret

Yes, that’s right, if a bog-standard baseball cap just wont cut it, why not try this Hiroshima Carp beret served up in an authentic cardboard pizza box and with a stylish pizza design on the inner lining? Reversible and available in blue and red (3,500 yen).

Hiroshima Carp pizza beret


Flower Pot Heads

Hiroshima Carp flower pot heads
These Carp player flower pot heads are modeled on young players Kuribayashi and Morishita. Buyers are encouraged to flex their creative skills and paint the player’s faces. You’ll have to move fast though, as there are only 30 of each available, a snip at ¥15,500 a head!


Carp headline toilet paper

hiroshima carp toilet roll
Relive some of the Carp’s greatest moments and then wipe your butt with them. At ¥1,100 yen a roll, surely this is one for opposing fans…


2022 Hiroshima Carp Aloha Wear

2022 Hiroshima Carp Aloha Shirt
As it’s looking more and more likely that we won’t be going anywhere again this year, get into the tropical spirit. Available as shirts and as jinbei for all those summer festivals soon to be canceled.
2022 Hiroshima Carp Aloha Jinbei


Hiroshima Carp Ear Cleaner

Hiroshima Carp Ear Cleaner
For those who want to dig deep into Japanese culture, how about picking up one of these cute Carp “mimi-kaki” ear wax removers made from bamboo (¥800 yen)? Who wouldn’t want to be sat next to a purchaser of one of these in the stands?

Hiroshima Carp G-Shock watch

Hiroshima Carp G-shock watch
The limited edition Hiroshima Carp G-Shock watch (¥25,000 yen) makes a return. These things went for crazy prices on internet auction sites in the weeks after their last release back in 2015.

Kit out your kid, kit out your pet

Hiroshima Carp doggie shirt
Live for the Carp is a family affair here in Hiroshima and the team has your babies, kids and even pets covered!

Hiroshima Carp Slyly baby backpack


Hiroshima Carp SUP Kit

Hiroshima Carp SUP kit
It’s great to see the Carp getting behind the Hiroshima SUP City movement with this ¥98,000 SUP kit. Show your love for the team as you paddle up and down Hiroshima’s rivers!


Our favorite

hiroshima carp hooded towels

You just have to love these hooded towel mufflers, available for ¥2,800 in either of the much loved Carp Boya or Slyly mascot style.
hiroshima carp hooded towel muffler

Check out the catalog and let us know which is your favorite and, if you are planning to enter the fray to try and secure some of these items, we wish you the very best of luck!

Online catalog
Webstore at the Hiroshima Carp Official Site