30th Hiroshima Animation Festival

This year’s International Animational Festival is particularly special this year as it marks the 30th anniversary (and the 15th to be held in

Sayoko Kinoshita

Hiroshima). Special events are planned for the end of August starting with an event in Alice garden (behind Parco), a parade and a pre-showing of a selection of this year’s animation at Hatchoza cinema (8/20).

In celebration of this being the 30th year of the festival, the entry is free (this year) to all kids aged 12 and under (elementary school age and younger).

Here is a basic schedule of events for this year’s animation festival.

8/20/2014 (Wednesday) The Festival Eve, Parade and Pre-Screening (Free Admission)

To help celebrate this special anniversary, there will be special performances and a parade from Alice Garden (Hondori/Namiki dori- Behind Parco) starting at 4pm (16:00).

This will be followed by a parade and pre-screening of a demo-reel of the festival competition films at Hatchoza theatre (across from Tokyu Hands) from 8pm (20:00).

8/21/2014 (Thursday) ~ 8/25/2014 (Monday) Animation Festival

Meet the Animators

The five days of the Hiroshima international animation festival will be held at the Aster Plaza (not far from Peace Park’s Museum).

8/21-25 (Thursday to Monday) follows the main program schedule with films running from 9am to 9pm each day.

Admission is free for children aged 12 and under and adult ticket prices range from ¥1,000 (advance ticket) for 1 program to ¥12,000 for a ticket for all programs on all days purchased at the door.

You can buy advance priced tickets at convenience stores and other locations around Hiroshima city.

Competition Films are shown at the end of each day, (8/21: Opening ceremony and competition films from 5:30pm. 8/22-24 competition films shown from 6:45pm).

Animation Workshop
Kids and young animators enjoy the workshops

The audience can vote on their favorites to win the “audience prize”. The awards presentation and a 2nd screening of the winning films is held on the final evening 8/25 from 6pm (18:00).

As well as being able to watch great animated films from around the world, there are lots of fun activities, exhibitions and workshops for kids and families, students and anyone interested in trying their hand at different types of animation in one of the workshop rooms.


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