6 new corona virus cases in Hiroshima Pref, 124 total April 17

April 18, 2020

6 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Hiroshima Prefecture yesterday bringing the total number of cases to 124. Another 3 cases were confirmed in Yamaguchi, Okayama and Shimane prefectures.

Department stores and shopping malls are taking heed of the extended state of emergency and shutting down, not just for this weekend as originally planned, but until after the Golden Week holiday.

Coronavirus cases in Chugoku Region April 17, 2020
Hiroshima Yamaguchi Okayama Shimane Tottori
124 30 18 15/td>

+6 +11 +1 +1 +0

First case in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefcture

A female in her 30s who works for a company is the first case of coronavirus to be confirmed in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture. Source

1 new case in Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture

A 70 year old woman is the rural city of Miyoshi in Hiroshima Prefecture’s 37th coronavirus case. She lives with man in his 50s (Hiroshima Prefecture’s 118th case) who tested positive on April 15.These cases are not thought to be connected to the cluster centered on the day care center for the elderly in the same city. This brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Miyoshi to 37. Source

Noodle shop employee tests positive in Fuchu-cho

A female university student is the 2nd case of coronavirus to be confirmed in Fuchu-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture. She was in Tokyo until March 30. She worked at Chikara noodle shop in a Sunlive shopping center April 6, 7 and 9 (during which time she wore a mask) before developing fever on April 10, from when she stayed home until tested.

In a press release, Sunlive states that the Chikara branch has been disinfected (communal areas, toilets, escalator, elevators, seats and register area). 5 other employees who work at Chikara are being tested and have been told to self-isolate. Disinfectant sprays have also been placed at shopping basket and shopping carts.
Sources: Chugoku Shinbun | Sunlive press release

3 more cases in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture

3 more cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Fukuyama. One is a woman in her 50s. The second, a man in 60s had contact with case from the City Water Department who tested positive on April 12. The third is a man in his 30s who has had contact with a company man in his 60s who also tested positive on April 12.
Sources: Chugoku Shinbun | Fukuyama City

One more case in the Yamaguchi Pref Commercial High School cluster

An employee of Kudamatsu Unyu transportation company (Toyo Kohan Group) in Yamaguchi Pref tested positive for coronavirus. The man in his 20s is an acquaintance of a Yamaguchi Pref Commercial High School teacher (a female teacher in her teens who lives in Hofu) who tested positive on April 15. The man developed a fever on April 14 and was tested on April 16. He has been hospitalized and his work place. He is the 30th confirmed case in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

According to Yamaguchi Prefectural government, testing of all teachers and students at the school thought to have had close contact with the teachers who have so far tested positive has been completed. All have tested negative for coronavirus. Sources Chugoku Shinbun | Toyo Kohan press release

A new case in Matsue possibly related to bar cluster

A woman in her 20s is Matsue in Shimane Prefecture’s 15th coronavirus case. Although she has asked for personal details not to be released, she was tested as part of contact tracing related to the Matsue bar cluster. So far, in addition to this new case, 9 customers, 2 staff & the mother & child of 2 members of staff have tested positive.

New case in Okayama

A woman in her 20s has tested positive for coronavirus in Okayama City. She visited Tokyo with a friend 3/24-26, developed symptoms on 4/3 which persisted. She was tested and confirmed positive 4/17.
She is Okayama Pref’s 18th case. Source

Department stores and shopping malls close during state of emergency

Hiroshima department stores are to close for an extended period, though food departments are likely to remain open.

All Fukuya stores will be closed this weekend (4/18-19) and then from April 22 until May 6. Food sections will remain open April 21 and 22 and the food department in Fukuya’s Itsukaichi store will remain open after April 22.
SOGO in Hiroshima city center will be closed until the state of emergency is lifted.
Mitsukoshi in Hiroshima city center is also closed until further notice.
Hiroshima PARCO is closing from April 18
Tenmaya‘s Midorii and Fukuyama stores will close all departments other then food April 20 until May 6.
EKIE stores in Hiroshima Station will close April 19 until May 6.
Al Park will be closed April 20-May 6.
Mall AEON Mall Fuchu, AEON’s mall in Gion and The Outlets will be closed until further notice, though food stores will remain open.

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