Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

I have been putting details of the annual traditional Japanese art crafts exhibition on GetHiroshima for years, but, to be honest, always thought it looked a bit boring. Yesterday, I actually went along to the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum and had a look and it blew me away.

Perhaps it’s the image created by the posters which change little year to year, but I was not expecting much as I made my way up to the special exhibition floor after having a look around the permanent collection. Walking into the first room, I was struck by the gorgeous kimono hung outstretched on either side of the long room. Bright and colorful, the quality of fabric from which they are made is clear even though they are behind glass. There are also beautiful dolls, ceramics, woodwork and lacquer ware which can be viewed more closely. I’d be lying if I said that I could work out which pieces were made by Living Treasures (probably the ones with the most people crowded around them), but the work that has gone into these all pieces is clear. The the beauty of the objects just cannot be captured on a poster, or even in the photos in the exhibition catalogue. You’ve just got to be there.

58th Traditional Kogei - Art Crafts Exhibition 2

Anyone with an interest in hand crafts should definitely check it out. If you are not particularly crafty, but if you find yourself with some time on your hands or wanting to get out of the cold for a bit, it’s still worth the ¥700 entrance fee.

The 58th Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Art Crafts continues at the Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of Art next to Shukkei-en Garden until February 12. Click here for more details.

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