Yuki River Trekking Tour

“Sawa-nobori”, also known here as “Shower Climbing”, is the Japanese sport of trekking up mountain rivers; scrambling over boulders, scaling waterfalls and occasional plunges into deep pools. Yuki, just a 45 minute drive from Hiroshima city and with many rocky river tributaries is a sawa-nobori hotspot.

Be A Planet offer guided river trekking tours starting from their base at next to Yuki Lodge.

Guides Ton-chan and Take-chan can explain all the necessary safety guidelines in basic English and do a great job of encouraging even the most nervous of river trekkers along the various courses they offer.

The equipment they use is top notch and they have have a good range of sizes.

When the river is flowing, even the beginner course, which gradually builds in difficulty, is fairly challenging for those taking their first slippery steps. Be A Planet have a whole range of options for those who want to take it up a level or two.

After being dropped back at Yuki Lodge you can take clean (and warm) up in the hot spring and, if you time it right, get some lunch.