Bayside Beach Saka

Easy to get to using local roads, Hiroshima-Kure toll road or by train,Bayside Beach Saka [ベイサイドビーチ坂] is Hiroshima city’s most convenient beach. It is open all-year and enjoyed by picnickers, SUP-ers, jet-skiers, windsurfers and people fishing. At the height of summer bathing season in July and August, this beach is bursting with carloads of beach-goers heading to the sea to cool off.

There isn’t much shade and it’s not the most pristine beach in the Chugoku area, but the water quality isn’t bad if you don’t mind the plastic garbage washed up from the oyster farms in the Seto Inland sea, you’ll enjoy it here.

Summer Season 7/1~8/31

Bayside Beach Saka

In similar fashion to Hiroshima’s outdoor Family Pool in the city center and Chupi Pool (waterpark) just past Miyajima; many beaches have seasons when they are “open”. Saka’s the summer season is from July 1 to the end of August. During this time, there will be a 600 yen charge per vehicle (per entry) for parking – during busy periods, you need to get there early if you want a space. Some food and drink stalls will also appear, and the showers will be turned on. During this period, the weekends will be busy but the weekdays will be quiet until the end of July when school holidays begin. Jetskiers can be seen (and heard) tearing up the waves beyond the swimming zone, SUP-ers and windsurfers also seem fond of this beach area.

Off-season use

Officially this beach park is only open from July 1st to August 31st in the height of the Japanese summer, but you can use the car park, toilets and vending machines outside of the main season for free (but the showers remain under lock and key until it is officially opened). There is a water fountain available year-round that has a low spout to clean your feet.

Showers and shade at Bayside Beach Saka

When we went during the Golden Week holiday in early May, we were some of the only people swimming in the water, but it seemed fairly clean. You should watch out for some of the debris on the beach that is washed ashore from the oyster production nearby (plastic tubing, rope, other plastics).

Plastic gomi trash at Bayside Beach Saka

There were a few other kids playing along the shoreline with their families. Whenever we have visited throughout the year there are a fair number of people fishing. During Golden Week it was a pleasant warm day at the beach- the kids play in the water and sand while you take in the pleasant view of the sea, islands beyond while the windsurfers and SUP paddlers go back and forth.

Getting there

It takes 30 minutes to drive to Bayside Beach Saka [ベイサイドビーチ坂] from Hiroshima city when traffic is light). On local roads, follow Route 2 toward Kure and after transitioning to Route 31, you will see it on the right. If on the Hiroshima-Kure
road, exit at Saka Minami or the next exit, Tenno-Nishi and double back (past Portopia land amusement park). If you come by train, Mizushiri Station is the 6th stop after Hiroshima on the Kure Line and is directly opposite the beach.

Beach Etiquete

Bayside Beach Saka’s stated rules:

  • No Barbeque-ing on the beach or anywhere at the beach park
  • Please take your garbage home with you when you leave



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