Autumn leaves in Hiroshima, Instagramed

With the autumn colors at their peak in the north of the prefecture in places like the Sandankyo and Taishakukyo Gorges, the kouyou season will cranking into top gear at the lower elevations over the next couple of weeks.

On this post we will showcasing some of our favorite autumn Instagrams and we’ll be adding new pics daily, so do check back every now and again. And of course please follow and give these talented Instagramers some like love.

Please check out our prefecture-wide autumn colors guide here.


Hiroshima City



Mitaki Temple



More photos of the autumn leaves at Mitaki Temple.


Buttsu-ji Temple, Mihara



Tsutsuga O-icho, Aki Ota



Sandankyo Gorge


More photos of the autumn leaves in Sandankyo Gorge.





Paul Walsh

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