ED2000 back in Hiroshima

Catch Berlin DJ ED2000 in two very different venues in Hiroshima this week.

Corin Arnold aka ED2000 is a veteran DJ who moved from the UK to Berlin just months before the wall came down and has been based in the city’s Mitte district ever since. He has always be keenly interested in developments at the edges in urban music culture and, often going against the grain of current music trends, always seems to one step ahead of the game. That said, Corin is a consummate professional when it comes to his craft and is highly adept at reading the floor, and, when the vibe is right, can shift gears and tear the roof off any club anywhere in the world. On a previous Hiroshima visit, touring his Dangerous Drums imprint, he and label-mate DJ Vela did just that at a now quite legendary party at Lotus.

Corin is currently on an extended sabbatical in Japan and returns to Hiroshima this week. He is playing at two venues where you can catch both sides of ED2000. First, at live music-kissa Organza he will be doing one of his signature marathon musical journeys with a 7 hour twisted lounge set on Thursday June 15. On Saturday, June 17 he will helping Nagarekawa bar Centre Point celebrate their 5 year anniversary which is sure to be quite lively.

There is no cover charge at the Organza event and other than the music it will be business as usual, so feel free to drop by for a drink and/or some food any time between 7pm and 1am. There is a ¥1000 cover charge at Centre Point on Saturday.

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Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of GetHiroshima.com and loves running in the mountains.