Roopali Indian Dining

Roopali always has good service and consistently delivers wonderful Indian curries and dishes in a lively, friendly setting. Located just past the new Sheraton hotel, not far from the Shinkansen exit of Hiroshima station, on the main street.

Roopali is a great choice for travelers to Hiroshima and anyone looking for good Indian dining in the area behind Hiroshima station.

Roopali’s owner has worked in Indian restaurants in Hiroshima for many years and is now the happy owner of this great restaurant. The taste of the food is always delicious. The quality of the cooking and calibre of vegetables, spices and other ingredients is noticeably good. They also have quite good, friendly service. If you are dining as a family it is also a great choice as they give out free toys with every kids set meal. It is also fun for kids to watch the chef making nan bread through the viewing window.

There are always at least two fantastic daily curry lunch sets which are very reasonable for the quantity of tasty food served. The biggest set is ¥1000 and includes a salad, curry, soup, tandoori meat (or substitute a vegetable samosa), served with a large nan bread or rice. This is a very tasty and filling lunch at a great price.

There are a wide variety of curries and tandoori dishes available on the dinner menu a la carte. There is also a wonderful vegetarian or meat eaters Thali (Indian curry set) available for around ¥2000.The menu includes quite a few non-meat curries and side-dish options for vegetarians, there are also fish and seafood selections available. Meat dishes on offer include beef, pork, tandoori chicken and mince.

I highly recommend the thali if you like Indian curries and have a big appetite. It includes two kinds of curries, salad, nan, rice, dessert and a soft drink. I always get the refreshing Lassi yoghurt drink which goes well with spicy curries. If you are with a group, ordering a few different types of curries- a dry curry, palak paneer (indian cheese and spinach), a cream curry and a lentil Dahl curry provide a nice variety of different flavors. Complement this with different types of Nan and a plate of yellow Turmeric rice and your taste buds will be in heaven.

Walking Directions: From the Hiroshima Station South Exit head right (going past Sheraton Hotel) for two blocks past the Sheraton hotel and you will find Roopali on the right side.

  • Staff speak excellent English and Japanese
  • English and Japanese Menu Available
  • No non-smoking area
  • No Parking Available
  • Child Friendly: Child seats and toys available
  • Reservations Accepted
  • Special Party Courses Available by reservation
  • Packaged curries, trinkets, jewlery and canned goods also for sale

Hours: Open Everyday: 11:30-14:30 for Lunch, 17:00-21:30 for dinner

Address: Hiroshima-city, Higashi-ku, Wakakusacho 14-32

Telephone: 082-264-1333


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