#Hiroshima70 Digital Stamp Rally

#Hiroshiam70 Digital Stamp Rally

This summer we call on you to join us in remembering Hiroshima’s history, celebrating its recovery and enjoying the great city it has become. And, we ask you to record and share your experiences with the world by tagging your pics #Hiroshima70. Start with the 5 tasks outlined below, but don’t feel that you have to stop there. Why not even set others some of your own changes.

#Hiroshima70 digitalstamp rally map


Children’s Peace Monument

chlldren's monument

The story of Sadako Sasaki, the little girl who aimed to fold a 1000 origami cranes in the hope curing herself of leukemia 10 years after the A-bombing, is known all over the world and the orizuru has become a symbol of wish for peace. Sadako was the inspiration for this statue in Peace Memorial Park. The plaque at the base of the statue reads

Ring the golden crane peace bell and make your own wish for peace and post a photo #Hiroshima70 of your orizuru peace crane. You can pick up origami paper and folding instructions from the “Rest House” visitor information center across from the Children’s Monument. The “Rest House” is a Hiroshima Free WiFi Spot so you can also upload your pics from there.


The Gates of Peace

gates of peace

Across Peace Boulevard south of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum are the Gates of Peace – nine meter tall glass arches inscribed with the word “peace” in 49 languages. Can you find the word peace in your language and in the Japanese characters 平和 (heiwa)?

Post a picture from the Gates of Peace tagged #Hiroshima70 with the word for peace in your own and/or other languages.

You can use the the Free WiFi Spot in the Hiroshima International Exchange Lounge and Library in the International Conference Center or the lobby of the Peace Memorial Museum to upload your photo.


Hiroshima Castle

hiroshima castle

When Terumoto Mori built the original Hiroshima Castle just 400 years ago, the Mori clan controlled almost the whole of western Japan. You too can become a samurai on the first floor of the reconstructed castle keep. Post a photo tagged #Hiroshima70 of yourself dressed up. Don’t forget to show us your best samurai face! You can use the the Free WiFi Spot in Hiroshima Castle to upload your photo.





Everyone loves okonomiyaki in Hiroshima and while watching it being made is fun, it’s even more fun to help out!

Post a photo tagged #Hiroshima70 of yourself with your okonomiyaki, with your chef, or even behind the grill and tell us what you think of Hiroshima’s signature dish.


Shukkei-en Garden


Add some culture to your trip by composing a simple Japanese style poem in this city center oasis of tranquility. Post a photo from Shukkei-en Garden with a 3 line haiku poem. Don’t forget to add the tag #Hiroshima70.

Haiku (pronounced hai-koo) are 3 lined Japanese poems. They are mood poems, don’t have to rhyme and are often inspired by nature. The first line should have 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables and the third 5 syllables.

Here’s one by haiku master Masaoka Shiki


akabara ya
moegi no kumo no hohteiru

a red rose
a yellow green spider crawling on

Next level Haiku

• Include a seasonal reference
• Connect to your feelings about your time in  Hiroshima


One thought on “#Hiroshima70 Digital Stamp Rally

  • June 12, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    This is a really great idea!!! I visited the Shukkei-en Gardens for the first time with visiting friends in April. What an oasis in the middle of the city! What is the connection with 70 years ago? I do remember seeing a tree there that survived the atomic bomb.

    Also, it is great to know about all these Free Wifi spots!!! Free Wifi is annoyingly hard to find in Japan. I know so many of my visiting friends have been surprised (shocked?) and inconvenienced by this. Such useful information. Thanks!


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