There are so many cafes and bars in Hiroshima-city center, but “Log” is an extremely comfortable, artistically inspired place that you might want to seek out sometime. If you are visiting the peace memorial park, stretch your walk a bit longer, then you’ll find the gallery cafe “LOG”.

Once you walk in, you will be surprised with such a large space and the wide window. There are trees and a little playground which you can see out the window, the view makes you forget the crowded, noisy world outside. At night-time, “LOG” turns the lights down and there is a calm, gentle breeze that usually flows through the space rather continuously. You’ll definitely love this cozy cafe, it’s something that you would never expect to find so near the city center. 

“LOG” often hosts fashion and art exhibitions by a great variety of designers and artists displaying clothes, shoes, photos, crafts, paintings, pottery, bags, flowers, jewelry, etc.). The creators are often from the Hiroshima area, sometimes from other parts of Japan and, occasionally, even international artists show their artwork here. This adds an interesting appeal to this place, so each time you come to LOG you are likely to find a different kind of atmosphere. You can enjoy the individual character while having a drink.


  • Coffee ¥500
  • Beer ¥600
  • Wine ¥650
  • Cocktails ¥750 yen~
  • plus more drinks & soft drinks
  • Cakes (at weekends) ¥500
  • Light snacks (nuts, cheeses, sausages….)

Opening hours: 17:00 to late on weekdays, open from 14:00 on weekends.
Closed: Tuesdays

  • Cash only
  • No English speaking staff, but there is some English on the menu

Address: 2F 6-17 Dobashi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Tel/Fax:  082-231-7022
URL: http://lognote.jp/ [ja]

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LOG is only 5 minutes walk west from Peace park. Cross the  Nishi-Heiwa-o-hashi Bridge on Heiwa-o-dori (Peace Boulevard) and continue walking on the right, along the inner street that runs along the green strip. 

Once you see the small playground on your left, look toward the shops and apartments and it is around here where there is a tiny (tricky)  “LOG” sign on the sidewalk in front of the shop if you can find (‘if you are lucky’ I should say) pointing to the entrance – it’s above a Chinese restaurant – take the stairs and you should find LOG on the 2nd floor. Don’t hesitate to open the door at this moment please!

Have a nice and comfortable time on your own or with your friends at “LOG”.

Reviewed by Kazue of Roots hair salon


Writing about Hiroshima for over twenty years. Co-founded GetHiroshima in 1999 and founded the sustainability-focused InboundAmbassador business in 2019. Monthly CleanUp and Seeking Sustainability event organizer, guide workshop facilitator, online content creator and tourism destination consultant. Passionate about promoting solutions in Japan for people and the planet.

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