Post-disaster trail check: Peace Pagoda, Ushita-yama, Mitate-yama

After the recent unprecedented rainfall that resulted in flooding and landslides around Hiroshima city and the wider region it may not be the best time to hit local mountain trails.

We have checked three of the city’s most accessible trails for landslide and rain damage and are pleased to report that they are, for the most part, unaffected.


Peace Pagoda Hike

First, the walk up through the tunnel of Torii shrine gates to the Peace Pagoda on top of Futaba-yama is completely fine.


Ushita Alps Trail

The longest of the three trails, along what we like to call the “Ushita Alps” which can be accessed nearby the Peace Pagoda, is also possible without damage, although the side trail to Hesaka Minami (South) Trailhead [戸坂南口] is currently closed. Those who walk the trail all the way to Mitate-yama and/or the Big Wave sports center and Ushita Astram Line Station will also run into a closed section. See below for more details.

Kinko Inari Shrine


Mitate-yama Trail

the route up to Mitate-yama. The steps up to the “Bara-koen” ornamental rose garden in Ushita Sogo Park are clear, as is the concrete path which runs along the top of the rose garden to the public restrooms.

‘Bara Koen Rose Garden’


The path from the trailhead (just around the corner from the restrooms), however, is closed.

Mitate-yama Trailhead


To access the upper path to Mitate-yama or on to Ushita-yama walk further up the asphalt road past the trail head on the right and the green roof of the waterworks on the left. The road narrows and climbs steeply until it joins the upper paths.

Path past Mitate-yama Trailhead


Waterworks green roof on left of upward path


Where the detour path meets the upper trails

Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of and loves running in the mountains.