Banned YouTuber angers Yamaguchi for spreading Covid-19

YouTube prankster Hezumaryu thrives on creating chaos and shocking his followers. But he has been getting more attention than he perhaps bargained for over the past week.

On July 11, he was arrested on suspicion of theft based on a video he posted in May of him scoffing down raw fish in a supermarket before getting to the register (he did present the empty packet at the register and pay for the fish, but the store manager wasn’t happy… ).

Then, a few days later, Hezumaryu tested positive for Covid-19 on July 15 after developing a fever two days earlier. It turns out that an Aichi police officer who was involved in his arrest has also tested positive.

Not only that, the YouTuber stayed in Hiroshima on July 9 and, as can be seen on his Twitter was kicking around Nagarekawa that night.

The next day he undertook a whistle-stop tour of Yamaguchi, dropping in at Kintai Bridge and Hofu Tenmangu Shrine among other places, posting pics and videos of him hanging out with fans along the way.

Over the weekend 3 cases of Covid-19 in Yamaguchi have been linked to a chance meeting with the YouTuber at a restaurant in Yuda Onsen. As he is currently in police custody, Hezumaryu’s Twitter feed has been the only source of information about his movements in Yamaguchi (his YouTube is disabled and shows the message “This account has been terminated due to multiple to severe violations of YouTube’s policies prohibiting contour deigned to harass, bully or threaten”) and officials have been asking anyone who may have come into contact with him to come forward.

According to the Yomiuri Shinbun, as of 3pm on July 18, 175 people who have had contact with him had been tested, returning only the 3 positive results mentioned above and there have been some 600 inquiries from people concerning this case.

Hezumaryu’s Movements in Yamaguchi, July 10

  • 4am Kintai Bridge
  • 7am Kintai Bridge, Kikko Park, Iwakuni White Snake Shrine
  • 12pm Kasadojima
  • 1pm Yuda Onsen
  • 2pm Hofu Tenmangu
  • 3pm AEON Mall Hofu
  • Yoshoku Izakaya Kanpai!! & Nikunomikoto Yuda in Yuda Onsen 9pm-11pm

Sources: Yomiuri Shinbun | Chugoku Shinbun


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