2017 Flower Festival Guest Artists

Our (almost) annual look at some of the 80+ artists performing at the Hiroshima Flower Festival.

See our full guide to the 2017 Flower Festival here.


Junko Yagami [八神純子]

The big special guest on the Carnation Stage on opening day at 16:00 is singer songwriter Junko Yagami



Osedochishima [大瀬戸千嶋]

Soft clarinet and keyboards on the Carnation Stage at 11:00 on May 3 & 14:15 on May 4 and at 17:30 on the Hop Stage at 17:30.




No idea what to make of this! You can catch Dressing at the following places during the Flower Festival

  • May 3, 12:00 Tulip Stage
  • May 3, 16:45 Daisy Stage
  • May 4, 12:00 Olive Stage
  • May 4, 15:15 Carnation Stage
  • May 5, 16:00 Poppy Stage



Aki Hiroshima Bushotai [安芸ひろしま武将隊] Samurai Show

  • May 3, 11:00 Tulip Stage
  • May 3, 15:00 Cyclamen Stage
  • May 4, 12:00 Poppy Stage



Phantom of the Opera (Cast Candidates)

Performance and talk shows on May 3 on the Olive Stage at 15:50 and Carnation Stage at 17:00.



8 good-looking guys, all over 180cm tall who can also sing. The name is a combination of chou kakko ii (“super cool”) and “emo” for emotional. We kid you not. Catch them on the Olive Stage at 16:50 on May 3.



Minami Issei [南一誠]

The local favorite, best known among the international community for his excellent Hiroshima Tengoku and renditions of the Carp song at the Tokasan yukata festival, this is the one not to be missed. Warning: things might get crazy at the Golden Shower Stage. Catch this local legend at Margaret Stage on May 4 at 11:00, the Golden Shower Stage on May 4 at 11:00 and on the Sumire Stage on May 5 at 17:45.




Singer-songwriting duo on the Sakura Stage on May 4 at 14:20.



Sakamoto Shogo [阪本奨悟]

Sakura Stage on May 4 at 15:10



Murakami Keisuke

On the Olive Stage at 15:40 on May 5.




Local idol band on Hibiscus Stage, May 5 at 16:00



6 piece dance and vocal unit from Nagoya performing on the Olive Stage at 16:50 on May 5.


YoshidaYamada [吉田山田]

Crooning duo on the Sakura Stage on May 5 at 17:15.