PIIC: Peak International Immersion Center

PIIC is a fantastic 2 floor facility run by bilingual educators with a vision of building a great venue for our international community to make good use of.

This facility combines a great space for small children to play in on the 1st floor, or it can be converted for English classes, parties and group get-togethers. On the second floor, there is a welcoming, comfortable and fashionable cafe. There is a very well designed main seating area and two smaller meeting rooms on either side. During the week, there are many popular children’s English classes held on the first floor, but other than that this facility is available for rent to the public.

The staff at PIIC are open to a range of ideas for get-togethers that make use of the facilities: 1st floor playroom and movie area, the 2nd floor rooms or cafe area or both the 1st and 2nd floor if you have in mind a family friendly event. Using both floors would allow the kids to enjoy the 1st floor while the adults relax on the 2nd floor. Use of both floors is possible as long as there are at least 1-2 adults watching the children at all times.

The HIP: Hiroshima International Playgroup really enjoyed using this space for a few parties and play dates- it worked wonderfully well. We had so much fun playing inside, watching kids movies, eating a potluck lunch and some of us adults took turns going upstairs to have a coffee or tea in the upstairs, stylish cafe area.

It is a great venue for parties for both kids and adults. PIIC is also only a block away from a nice-sized park (Ushita Koen) where kids can do sand play, climbing, sliding and there is an open area for ball sports too. This would be a great venue to use for a weekend family get-together, birthday party, PTA get together or similar group activity.

The owners of PIIC have strong foundations in children’s education. You can use some of their great games and materials online at their Natural Genius English study site for kids.

PIIC Facility Services

According to their website, PIIC offers the following services to the public:

  • Private and small group English lessons : 1-3 students. 60 min. lesson plus use of cafe and lounge
  •  Children’s group English lessons (max 5 students) : 3-5 students. 50 min. lesson plus social time in playroom
  • Events for the community : annual Halloween and Christmas event among others.
  • Facilities rental for your events : kids party, group or club meetings, movie nights, etc…  :  Please contact PIIC by phone or e-mail them for booking and lesson details.

The PIIC cafe and facilities are only open by reservation, so get in touch and book an upcoming event at this great, user-friendly venue in Ushita.

  • Telephone:  (Ms. Yanase) at 082-962-1318
  • Open Hours: Tues -Sat 10am – 8pm
  • Contact: [email protected]  
  • URL: PIIC.jp
  • Getting There : Located a short bus ride from the city center (from in front of Tokyu Hands- catch the bus to Ushita-Waseda 牛田早稲田 and get off at Ushita Asahi 牛田旭) . Walk down the small street to the right in between the bento shop and the flower shop and when you come across Nishinaya Coffee shop on the right, turn left and you will see PIIC behind a mansion apartment building.

(Written on 11/13/2017)


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