Sake tasting with Picasso

Spend an autumn evening sipping premium local sake under the stars on the lawn at Hiroshima Museum of Arts.

You likely know that Hiroshima is one of Japan’s foremost sake producing regions and Sake Town Saijo’s huge two day sake festival in early October is a great place to try lots and lots of sake. With around 1000 varieties on offer, however, it can get quite “messy”, if you get my drift. A far more dignified and elegant way of comparing some of the region’s best sake is to join the inaugural Japanese sake and culture event in the grounds of Hiroshima Museum of Art on October 4.

Hiroshima Museum of Art is a lovely gallery set in a grassy courtyard across the street from the Rihga Royal Hotel. Don’t be fooled by its size, however, as HMOA boasts a very impressive collection of modern European art that includes pieces by some of history’s most famous artists.

On the afternoon of October 4, visitors to the museum can try their hand at Japanese calligraphy and get dressed up in kimono, but it is after the museum closes that the real fun starts.

From 5pm, a bar with a selection of 6 local premium sake varieties opens and visitors can enjoy their own night at museum wandering through the galleries taking in Lautrec, Matisse, Picasso and more. Calligraphy and kimono fittings will also be available until the event finishes at 7pm. Should the weather be less than perfect, guests can switch to warm sake and take cover inside the pleasant Cafe Jardin.

Admission is the price of a set of 5 sake tickets available for ¥3000. Those worried that 5 cups of sake may be a little more of a taste than is wise (hic!), you can split the tickets (and the fee) with up to 5 people. Add ¥2000 to have a kimono fitting or try out calligraphy. All participants will receive a little ceramic o-chokko sake cup and a square souvenir wooden masu sake cup to take home.

Similar events are planned for November and December and we have great hopes that this will turn out to be an elegant experience in a delightful location and one that visitors and residents alike will look forward to,and perhaps even dress up for.

Get all the details on GetHiroshima here.
Download the official event pamphlet here.

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