Plum blossom finally on its way

©Chugoku Shinbun

Shukkei-en Garden held its annual Ume-mi Plum Blossom-viewing tea ceremony over two weeks ago, but the blossoms in question were nowhere to be seen. And who can blame them; January and February were bloody freezing this year.

As you can see in this photo published on the Chugoku Shinbun website yesterday, the plum blossoms are slowly starting to poke their heads out, 22 days later than on average.

It is now expected that the 115 plum trees in the garden will be in full bloom by mid-March.

No word as yet on the ETA of the peach blossoms which are due to be viewed  at Shukkei-en’s Momo-mi Peach Blossom-viewing Tea Ceremony scheduled for March 25.


Paul Walsh

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