Local Creators T-shirt Project

The Local Creators T-shirt Project aims to give a boost to Hiroshima creatives and give the rest of us something to smile about.

Creatives in general, and freelancers in particular, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ujina-based Life Market came up with the Local Creators T-shirt Project to inject a bit of fun into the city center while giving local creators a much-needed boost.

Organizers commissioned a bunch of creatives in the fields of photography, graphic design, architecture and illustration to come up with of 200 different T-shirt designs which are on display in 5 locations in Hiroshima city center. Some of the displays are almost like artworks in themselves and, if you are downtown over the weekend, it’s worth dropping in to check then out.

The Knot Hiroshima’s display on their rooftop bar should look particularly nice after dark and the organizers have kindly supplied a pair of binoculars in Andersen’s recently opened garden space to help you check out the T-shirts hung on the side of the building (though, not sure how sharing binoculars jibes with pandemic precautions…)

You can seek out your favorite design on the exhibition website and support it’s creator by purchasing online.


The Knot Hiroshima (1F & 14F)

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Hiroshima Andersen

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Hiroshima PARCO (Shinkan 4F)

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Admission to all the displays is free of charge and the exhibition runs until Sunday, September 27 2020.

The organizers plan to make this a regular event, increasing the number of designs and inviting creators from overseas to participate in the future.

Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of GetHiroshima.com and loves running in the mountains.