Supporting Local Restaurants While Staying Home

Looking for good food but trying to self-isolate? Don’t worry, Hiroshima Food Snob has your back!

As cases of Covid-19 continue to rise in Hiroshima, citizens are heeding the advice of experts and local government to #stayhome, a crucial step in containing outbreaks of the virus. However, local restaurants and cafes are feeling the economic effects that self-isolation brings, and many are now offering takeaway, delivery (be it via Uber Eats or Wolt or their own system), or even curbside delivery services to help ease the financial strain. If your financial situation is also tight, you should consider checking the best place to buy silver and then trade.

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So, which great local Hiroshima City eateries and coffee purveyors can you get to go? Let’s break it down:

 P   T   D   DM   CB 
Pick-up without reservation Telephone ahead Delivery service available (Uber Eats, Wolt, Etc) DM store’s Instagram Curbside delivery


Caffeine Hit (Coffee)

Cicane Liquid Stand (P)
Everyday different baristas offer up some great craft takeaway coffee!


Progress Life Style Coffee (P/D)
Coffee, tea, and even sweets to make your #stayhome even better!


Akam Coffee Works (P)
Freshly roasted specialty and single origin coffee to go!


Side Stand Coffee (P)
Coffee and handmade sweets found here!


Prank Coffee & Cocktail (P/T/DM/CB)
Beautifully balanced lattes and more (grilled sandwiches, anyone?)


Kiki Coffee (P)
The best scones in Hiroshima plus a host of delicious baked goods and, of course, specialty coffee.


Shimaji Coffee Roasters (P)
Light roast perfection and sweet treats to go with it!


Bleu Coffee (P)
My personal favorite roaster, finding just the right balance between light and dark.


Union Coffee (P/T)
Well worth the trek out to Hakushima for their bold coffee selections (and sometimes takeaway sandwiches!)


Cafe Luster (P)
Homemade seasonal muffins and coffee.


Obscura (P)
You know them, you love them, and they’ve always been available to go.


Sugar Rush (Sweets)

Aube Patissier Shinji Mori (P)
High class cakes and baked confections.


rit. craft chocolate and coffee (P)
Craft chocolate meets craft coffee.


Sabō Tsuruya (P)
Get your fill of delicious Japanese confections (wagashi) to go!


Good Eats

Kitchen Minot (P/T/D)
Daily curry takeaway lunch, and a wide array of dinner choices and sides.


Morgan (P/T/D)
Selection of freshly baked delights and terrific American classics.


Taikō Udon (P/T/D)

Always ahead of the curve, Taikō was one of the first to offer takeaway options AND a delivery service. Plus, they have vegan udon too.


Chelsea Bagel (P)
Homemade robust bagels that also freeze very well (if you’re looking to stock up).


Mio Bar (Breakfast only) (P)
Known for their cappuccino, Mio Bar will be offering breakfast options beginning 4/13 (Mon) at 5:55 am! Look forward to freshly baked cornetti and prosciutto ham panini!


Masato (T)
Offering beautiful and high-class washoku bento.


Roji-ura Tapas Ishioka (T)
Selections of pasta, paella, and more for lunch and dinner.


Morning Juice Stand (P)
Fresh fruit smoothies and fruit sandwiches to brighten your day.


Brazil (Bakery section) (P)
My favorite kissaten has an incredible bakery section of homemade and freshly baked sweet and savory breads.


H’s Burger Stand & Bar (P/T/D)
Newcomer H’s has so many ways to enjoy their burgers from home!


Pizza Juicy (T)
With a selection of pizzafritta (like a fried calzone) for lunch and full size pizzas and sides for dinner, you can dine (at home) in style.


Spice Up Your Life (Curry)

Fin Kissa (T)
Incredible curries made from scratch with a selection of freshly roasted coffees and more.


Nandi (P/T)
You all know how much I love Nandi, and they’ve had takeaway options since before coronavirus happened!


Hyaku-Ban-Me no Saru (P/T)

Dobashi’s hidden treasure, this place has also offered takeaway from the get-go!

Keep in mind, this isn’t the be-all, end-all definitive list, and I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home, and enjoy some great takeaway!


Check out what GetHiroshima’s City Map partners are offering to go


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