Francis Alÿs Exhibition

Francis-Alys-Paradox-of-Praxis-1-(Sometimes-Making-Something-Leads-to-Nothing)The Francis Alÿs exhibition, on until the end of January at Hiroshima MOCA, reminds me of that children’s game “Would you Rather…?”

Would you rather throw yourself into the epicenter of a tornado, or walk down a busy city street casually swinging a gun?

Mexico-based Alÿs (born 1959 in Belgium) is a conceptual artist who has done these things, and more. He then records his adventures through video, photography and painting.

“Via the not-at-all-special act of walking, Alÿs reflects people’s lives and the political issues that are inseparable from them” (Hiroshima MOCA web site).

This would be a great show to introduce children to conceptual Art as it’s fun, and parts of the show – wittingly or not – are funny. As Alÿs pushes a large block of ice through the streets of Mexico City for nine hours, you can tell he’s totally sick of the idea and wishing he’d never begun. The concepts behind his artworks are generally clear, but the show also has useful explanations in Japanese and English and a really good brochure to accompany the exhibition.

Special Events:

  • Film Guards will be shown continuously December 7 & 8 from 10:30.
  • On December 22nd there is a kids pinata-making workshop 14:00-15:30. The pinata will be displayed in the museum, and smashed apart on January 11. The workshop is limited to 30 kids over 5 years old, and pre-registration is required.

The Francis Alÿs Exhibition continues until January 26 at Hiroshima MOCAClick here for more details.


Francis Alÿs Exhibition

Francis Alÿs

Mexico-based Francis Alÿs (born 1959 in Belgium) walks the streets
to cast his eye on social problems ubiquitous to everyday life,
which he allegorizes so as to bring them to the surface. Trained
in architecture, he is an artist who builds worlds of poetical
works through a diverse range of expression including video,
painting and photography. Via the not-at-all-special act of
walking, he reflects people’s lives and the political issues
that are inseparable from them. This exhibition presents a
broad selection from his oeuvre, ranging from representative
early works created in Mexico to recent ones themed on the
Strait of Gibraltar, which links two continents and their
differing cultures.

Open 10:00-17:00 (January 25 &26 until 19:00)
Closed Mondays and December 27 – January 1

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