Pinkerton’s Souk

Pinkerton’s Souk is now closed. The space is now taken by O-dashi-no-kaori which is also well worth checking out.

Chai and Cheesecake, Indian curry plates and samosas are the reasons people come back regularly to Pinkerton’s Souk. It is a small, friendly little shop tucked on the 2F of a building behind Hiroshima’s YMCA. Started in the days when “ethnic” foods and cafes were the only alternative, they have hung in over the years while the surroundings have changed, coffee shops and noodle shops now surround it, and yet it is still a quiet and charming spot to escape for a drink and a snack or light meal.

Teas from India, Sri Lanka, China, Africa and Nepal as well as herbal teas are available here. The milky Chai teas are full of flavor and spice- similar to what you find in India and Nepal- they are very good. Try the ginger or masala spiced Chai- they are favorites. The yoghurt Lassi drinks are also healthy and tasty.

On the menu, there are curry lunches, sandwiches and samosas to choose from. The vegetable samosas are wrapped in fluffy pastry, and the Sabuji (fried veggies and chick peas with cheese topping) is delicious as is the spiced apple garnish (similar to a chutney) that comes with the nan bread.

Curry lunches, Nan & whole grain sandwiches as well as other lunch sets are available from 11:30-14:30 and include a drink of tea & a small sweet bread for around 1,000yen. You can order chai, cakes, scones, samosas and other dishes on their own to eat in or take-out.

If that isn’t enough – or you’re not in the mood for Indian spices try one of their delicious cakes, including banana, cheesecake, or seasonal varieties like strawberry shortbread, pumpkin cheesecake or pecan pie (around ¥700 with a drink). The most amazing (and popular) is the standard cheesecake. It may look plain and simple, but it is delicious perfection! It is a nice combination of light cream cheese without being too light or sponge-like as most “cheesecakes” tend to be in Japan.

There is also a small shop near the front of the shop. They sell teas, incense, jewellery, textiles, handmade bags and hats, cookies and original postcards. Take-out food orders as well as take-out cakes and pies are available on request.

Pinkerton’s is a great smoke-free place to come and relax as the African or Indian music plays in the background. The decor is rather eclectic-casual and it is rarely too busy to be at one with your food, drink and most importantly thoughts.  If you don’t think about it too much, you can imagine yourself in a local chai shop in Kathmandu or Manali.

  • All non-smoking all day
  • Group reservations accepted
  • No Parking Available, but there are cheap parking lots nearby.
  • Cash only, No Credit Cards Accepted
  • *Eco-friendly* reusable chopsticks are used here

Hours: Closed Mondays, Open Tuesday to Friday 11:00 to 20:00 (last order) / Sat, Sun and Hols: 11:00-19:00 (LO)

Tel: 082-227-1970


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