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An especially lovely cafe when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, Cafe Appreciate is a quiet, classy hideaway a short walk from the Peace park along the banks of the Tenma-gawa river. 感謝 Kansha or “Being Thankful” is what the owner says of her cafe’s concept. She hopes a visit to this cafe will help guests ‘appreciate’ life, friends, and find a very pleasant place to enjoy a drink or some food. It’s a very suitable name for this handsome cafe.

Originally opened in 1999 by a mother and daughter team, the daughter is carrying on in her own way despite losing her co-owner mother to cancer a couple of years ago. Although the menu has greatly simplified, the popular weekly jazz gigs are still a mainstay. Every Thursday night, there is a fun band performing live jazz music. There is no charge to come and enjoy the music which always starts from 10 pm. There is the signature “Appreciate band” as well as other jazz bands performing their different interpretations of the genre.

The food menu is quite simple as the sole owner now does most of the food and drinks herself. There are a few sandwich choices, desserts, hot and cold drinks as well as a variety of wine, beer and cocktails to choose from. The menu is the same all day 11:30am-12 midnight: Hot sandwiches of ham and cheese on English bread and open (homemade) bagel sandwiches made with sausage, chicken or (non-meat versions) cheese & salad. The sandwiches are available a la carte or in a set with a drink (¥1260). Desserts can also be ordered alone or in a “Dolce Set” which includes a drink for ¥990, you can choose from Homemade ice-cream, panna-cotta, gateau chocolat, or cheesecake.

If you are lucky enough to visit when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you should sit out on the first or second floor terraces to truly appreciate the view.

Cafe Appreciate is in quite an interesting area of Hiroshima city. A few backpacker hostels have set up shop a few blocks away as well as many other interesting places have been popping up in recent years.

cafe appreciate interior

Although Cafe Appreciate, among many others in this area, do not have an English menu, the owner does speak a little English and is very welcoming to non-Japanese patrons. If you have some time to spend here, you will find the owner interesting and friendly to talk with.

They do not accept credit cards, cash only. There is also no non-smoking area, so it can get smoky sometimes. There is free WiFi access available here. Reservations are accepted for any of the tables on the first or second floor, or in the special Japanese style private room on the second floor. Catering can be arranged in advance for meals for larger groups up to 40 people.

Hours: Open 11:30-24:00 Closed Tuesdays

Address: Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku Enomachi 8-15

Tel: 082-532-5015

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