The Bluebird Cafe

Located one minute from Miyajima-guchi JR Station’s east exit and five minutes from the Miyajima ferry piers, Bluebird Coffee is a shop loved by both foreign visitors and Japanese locals. Whether you’re going to Miyajima and need to energize for the day ahead, or you’re looking for a relaxing space after seeing the sights, Bluebird Coffee has everything you need.

Mr. Tomo founded Bluebird in 2007, wanting to pursue his love of crafting the perfect coffee. The original Bluebird was actually a mobile car cafe which Mr. Tomo built entirely on his own. He then spent his days serving caffeine-loving pedestrians all over the Ujina region. In 2009, he decided to put down roots and created the space we now know as Bluebird Coffee. One of the most amazing things about the shop is that the car within is the original Bluebird!

“Every year, I learn new things and ways of making coffee from my customers. Coffee style depends on the person. I want to make the customer’s own favorite taste.” — Mr. Tomo

Espresso over ice-creamMr. Tomo really believes in making the perfect coffee, the ideal taste, for each person. To that end, he stocks soy milk and keeps treats that include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, a rarity in Japan. His mindfulness extends to even the littlest of things. For instance, he offers free water bottle refills because he hates seeing the plastic thrown away over and over at the vending machines near his shop.

Mr. Tomo has been making coffee for over fifteen years and excels at drip coffee, the staple of Japanese coffee culture. He also prides himself on myriad creations timed to the year, usually colorful frappuccinos that mimic flower blossoms or seasonal changes. Truly delicious! His current recommendation is the Chestnut Cream Affogato.

Eclectic upstairs
Bluebird Cafe 2F

Perhaps my favorite thing about Bluebird, other than all the delicious options and the friendly Mr. Tomo himself, is the eclectic upstairs space. A mix between slumber party host and bookmonger, the space is cozy and inviting. I’ve been known to lose track of time up there and stay for hours on end. It is just so peaceful. Plants growing up to the ceiling, paper flowers suspended in the air and blankets and cushions aplenty lend to the relaxed vibe.

If you’re looking for a place to relax or recharge, there is truly no better place than Bluebird Coffee. Stop in and say hi to Mr. Tomo yourself; he’ll be happy to hear where you’re from and what you’ve been doing, all the while whipping up your favorite coffee to drink upstairs or carry out. Either way, the experience is sure to brighten your day.

  • Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Non-smoking
  • Cash only

  • Address: 739-0411 Hiroshima Prefecture, Hatsukaichi-shi, Miyajima-guchi, 1-3-26
  • Address in Japanese: 広島県 廿日市市 宮島口 1-3-27

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