Andersen Kitchen & Buffet

Andersen Kitchen is a kind of gourmet food court and casual-chic dining popular with families and groups. It is located on the 2F of a popular food-lovers department store brimming with amazing breads, imported cheeses, chocolatier, cafe and grocer right on the main Hondori shopping street.

This is nothing like a typical food court despite ordering your food from different stations on the same floor; all the tables are covered in tablecloths and the various dishes are beautifully made and presented and delivered by well-trained, uniformed wait staff. Many enjoy a leisurely meal and chat here, the atmosphere is quite pleasant and relaxing.

The prices may indeed be higher than you might get at other eateries in the city, but it is hard to find a similar variety of cuisine choice in the same place to please everyone in a group or family.

There is a Chinese food section offering noodles, stir-fry and rice dishes. Next to this is the Pizza and pasta station. In the center is the horderves, cold and hot deli section which also offers ice-creams, fruit selections and a self-serve bread station. On the side of this center area is a wine and beer bar. On the side of the room is the Sandwich and Salads area and at the far end of the room is the Grilled meats and hot savory meals selection.

There are 280 seats available at tables for general seating on the second floor (private rooms are available for larger groups by reservation). In general, bookings are not accepted for lunch, but the line moves fairly quickly. You wait in line with the reception at the top of the escalator until your table is ready, then go and buy your food from any of the stations to be delivered to your table when ready.

The 2F opens for lunch from 11am everyday and from 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on the weekend or holiday, the style of dining changes to open buffet by reservation only. For the evening buffet meal, there is a flat fee of around ¥3,000 per person, or over ¥4,000 if you include alcoholic drinks. Prices are cheaper for school-age children.

A mini-classical music concert is held every evening at 7pm and the food last orders is at 9pm. Reservations are recommended by telephone [some staff speak a little English] or through their website [in Japanese]. It is good to keep in mind that despite gourmet food prices, they do not accept credit cards, cash only.

Open everyday 11am-9pm (last order)  Address: 2F Andersen building, 7-1 Hondori, Hiroshima city, Naka-ku  Tel: 082-247-2403


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