Yuki River Trekking Tour

“Sawa-nobori”, also known here as “Shower Climbing”, is the Japanese sport of trekking up mountain rivers; scrambling over boulders, scaling waterfalls and occasional plunges into deep pools. Yuki, just a 45 minute drive from Hiroshima city and with many rocky river tributaries is a sawa-nobori hotspot.

Be A Planet offer guided river trekking tours starting from their base at next to Yuki Lodge.

Guides Ton-chan and Take-chan can explain all the necessary safety guidelines in basic English and do a great job of encouraging even the most nervous of river trekkers along the various courses they offer.

The equipment they use is top notch and they have have a good range of sizes.

When the river is flowing, even the beginner course, which gradually builds in difficulty, is fairly challenging for those taking their first slippery steps. Be A Planet have a whole range of options for those who want to take it up a level or two.

After being dropped back at Yuki Lodge you can take clean (and warm) up in the hot spring and, if you time it right, get some lunch.


Hiroshima Travel Buddy

Hiroshima Travel Buddies are open-minded locals who love to meet people from around the world and help them access the real Japan.

If you are worried about getting to Yuki by bus your Hiroshima Travel Buddy will meet you at the bus station, help you buy your ticket and make sure you get on the right bus. En route they are happy to chat and answer any questions you might have about the world going by outside the window. It’s also a great chance to ask a real live Japanese person about anything that you’ve been wondering while traveling around Japan. There’s no guarantee they’ll know the answer, but you’ll certainly get an authentic opinion!

They will accompany you on the bus to Yuki and when you are done, they will accompany you on the return journey to Hiroshima. If you are tired, they’ll let you chill out, but are happy to chat if you are in the mood.

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