Oasa Countryside Cycling Tour

Head north from Hiroshima city and you are into the countryside in no time. The urban landscape soon gives way to the areas at the base of mountains cultivated by small rural communities, known as “satoyama”. There are many beautiful areas to the north of Hiroshima city, but a combination of reasonably good accessibility by public transport and E-bike tours offered by Trip Oasa make the town of Oasa in Kitahiroshima an excellent day trip destination.

Trip Oasa will pick you up from the bus stop at Oasa Interchange (70 minutes from Hiroshima Bus Center) and drive you to their bike rental station at Oasa Bus Terminal (Oasa Eki). If you are concerned about your fitness, you needn’t worry as the E-bikes they have on hand are excellent and will do much of the work for you.

After a brief orientation and the chance to get used to the bikes, braking and shifting gears, the English-speaking guide leads off on one of two routes based upon the final destination. Choose to head to the top of a near or to the mysterious Tengu Shide Hornbeam forest. If you are feeling strong you can opt to hit both of these spots, but you are unlikely to have much time to chill and enjoy the views along the way.

And what views there are!

The outlook from the mountaintop is quite something on a clear day, but it’s the bucolic rural scenes that you can enjoy as you weave among the rice fields that really make this a pleasant day out.

Tour Fee (per person)

Adult: ¥5,300
Age: 6-15yrs: ¥2,900
Minimum Participants: 2 people
Maximum Participants: 10 People

Morning 09:00-12:00


E-Mountain Bike, Helmet, Guide Fee, Accident Insurance Coverage, Sales Tax


Height over 120cm (3ft. 11in)
Ability to ride the bicycle alone.

Reservation Deadline
17:00 2 days prior to the tour

Hiroshima Travel Buddy

Hiroshima Travel Buddies are open-minded locals who love to meet people from around the world and help them access the real Japan.

If you are worried about getting to Oasa by bus your Hiroshima Travel Buddy will meet you at the bus station, help you buy your ticket and make sure you get on the right bus. En route they are happy to chat and answer any questions you might have about the world going by outside the window. It’s also a great chance to ask a real live Japanese person about anything that you’ve been wondering while traveling around Japan. There’s no guarantee they’ll know the answer, but you’ll certainly get an authentic opinion!

They will accompany you on the bus and on your Oasa bike tour hike. They will also help you in the local stores and restaurants. Once done, they will accompany you on the return journey to Hiroshima. If you are tired, they’ll let you chill out, but are happy to chat if you are in the mood.

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