Okonomi Dining Toraji

Toraji is now closed

The name is a combination of “too large” in English and the Tora tiger that is the owner’s pet-name, Toraji is a great little place in Ushita well worth a visit.

Sit at one of the heavy wooden tables, get a cold beer (even Guinness) and explain what type of toppings you want on your okonomiyaki (including how you like it).

Our personal favorites are “soba-iri-niku-nashi-cheezu-jalapeno” basic layered okonomiyaki without meat, add cheese & jalapeno pepper. Our kids like the mochi and extra green onions version and get a kick out of watching the process of making Hiroshima style okonomiyaki happening in front of us on the open grill. Most customers seem happy with the standard “soba-iri-niku-tama” basic okonomiyaki with noodles, egg and bacon slices on top. This is the most popular (and the cheapest version available). All the okonomiyaki here is cooked Hiroshima style in layers of crepe, vegetables and meat or extra toppings- it takes longer and is definitely worth the wait.

No matter what we have ordered here, we have not been dissapointed. The side dishes are popular- recent additions include teppan dishes like mushrooms, potatoes or guts cooked with spices on the grill and then served hot to your table. Our favorite is the fresh tomato slices served with flavored salt and the onion salad is also refreshing and light.

The atmosphere is lively and always full of other friendly, chatty customers (despite being in the middle of a small neighborhood), the food is always good and the staff are really friendly and great chefs too. The young (often blonde) owner trained with Hiroshima’s local foreign okonomiyaki master extraordinaire, Lopez (in Yokogawa), before opening his own shop here in Ushita. You can see him on this YouTube video making okonomiyaki at Toraji.

The crepe layers are always served crispy on the edge and soft in the middle creating a perfect bite of vegetables, sauce and other ingredients you choose every time. The style he has adopted from Lopez includes every egg being a double yolk and it taking a decent amount of time to create a fresh, delicious meal of okonomiyaki- so sit back and enjoy!

Meat-free options are easily available here- if you ask for no meat “niku-nashi” and no fish flakes “katsuo-bushi-nashi” as well if you prefer. Toraji also uses vegetable oil when cooking on the hot plate, but be warned that some places do use lard. So, if you are a vegetarian or vegan it is worth checking on this every time just in case.

  • Take-out available & phone orders for pick up later suggested.
  • English menu and English speaking staff (sometimes)
  • No designated non-smoking section, but family-friendly (kids welcome & kids cutlery and plates available)
  • Reservations accepted
  • Eco-friendly point: Re-usable chopsticks
  • No parking available
  • Cash only, no cards
  • Seating for 15-20 people

Opening hours: 11:30-14:30, 17:00-21:30

Address: 2-2-37 Ushita-Higashi, Higashi-ku Hiroshima-shi 732-0063
Tel: 082-223-6808

URL: http://www.to-large.net/ [ja]

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