Everyone has their favorite izakaya secret in town, and Codomolive in Danbara is mine.[日本語]

This popular spot, located east of Hijiyama Park in the Danbara district, is tucked back from the street down a narrow corridor. Once you find your way in, the friendly staff is thrilled to welcome foreigners and will even (gasp!) treat you as a local. English is limited, but there’s one charming, hand-translated menu (see below) and daily-rotating specials. Codomolive serves a diverse range of Western and traditional Japanese dishes, often with a creative twist, but always with extremely high quality ingredients and execution (without the inflated prices that often come along with that). Favorites include sashimi, crispy tiny sardine salad, fried rice with ume & shiso, pork-stuffed tempura mushrooms, and ei-hire roasted rayfin.

Opening hours: 17:00-25:00 Tuesday-Sunday
Closed: Monday

Address: 2-14-8 Danbara, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Address in Japanese: 〒732-0811 広島県広島市南区段原2丁目14−8 アベニュー德 1F
Tel: 082-567-7555

Kismet Cordova

Kismet moved to Hiroshima in 2015, and has been loving every second of it. She enjoys when people write quippy remarks in bios, but has no idea how to do so.

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